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We're passionate about pets, and My Pet Walker evolved to make things simple – for pet service businesses, their staff and their pets!

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Running our own hectic dog walking business highlighted many issues experienced by our clients – making bookings and rescheduling, varying methods of payments and even delayed payments... we wanted to make life easier for everyone!

Key highlights

Online Payments

Taking online payments is easy, fast and affordable. Our system allows your clients to book and pay using the client app. This saves you time adding bookings yourselves and eliminates the need for invoicing or chasing missed or late payments.


Taking client payments upfront puts YOU in charge of your business, money, and cancellation policy.

Rapid Invoicing

Generate and send ALL your invoices to all of your clients in just 3 clicks.

Minimize Paperwork

Client and dog profiles, online bookings, streamline invoice and payment systems, our software minimizes the need for paperwork.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

  • No more chasing payments
  • Less time spent invoicing
  • No lost cancellation fees
  • Easily enforce your cancellation policy
  • Option to charge a late booking fee
  • Time saved on messaging back and forth to make bookings
  • Time saved on paperwork

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  • Book

    After you register with MyPetWalker, booking appointments is easy. Pick the pet service you require, select from the available dates and times, then complete the payment. That’s it. Sorted. If there are any additional requirements you can add notes when you confirm the booking. Our walkers and pet sitters receive these details in advance.

  • Manage

    Schedules change, so we make managing your pet bookings hassle free. You can reschedule an appointment, alter the times, change a service, add another pet or let us know about special requirements. Easy, all done through the MyPetWalker App. You need to know that your pet is covered, so we put you in control of your bookings.

  • Paid

    Pay online when you make your booking so there’s no panic on the day. Click. Pay. Easy. And we don’t handle or hold any debit or credit card data. This is all processed by Stripe - one of the world's biggest and best payment gateways. So your pet booking is in safe hands, and your personal details and money is also secure.

Since I have been using the MyPetWalker App my business has never been so efficient and my clients are loving it too! My business is now working so much more efficiently I have been able to increase my bookings and my business is booming!
Katy Smith


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You are welcome to try out the software yourself and take advantage of the 30 day free trial. If you would like us to help you with your set-up we are currently doing this at no extra fee. Take advantage of one of our business managers and customize the system for your business.

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What does it cost?

From just £10 per month for one user you can make huge efficiency savings and drive your business forward. This is a flat rate per month if you use our invoicing system or deal with payments yourself such as bank transfers or cash.

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What if it doesn't do what I'm looking for?

Tell us! We are a customer led business, many of the functions built into the software are what clients have requested. If there is something you want just let us know and we can add it to our list of future developments.

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