A Dog Staycation!!!

Planning a holiday in the UK can be a little less daunting and more reassuring than travelling to another country following the government’s green light to travel.

The UK has some amazing countryside for you and your dog to explore and beautiful beaches to let them run free in the salty air. Do your research and find your perfect place whether it be a dog friendly hotel, a home from home B & B, camping or glamping there are many options on your doorstep.

If you are thinking of travelling in the UK here are some things you may not know about:-.

Travelling by:-

Air – did you know that the only dogs permitted to fly within the United Kingdom are assistance dogs, however, some smaller airlines that fly less than 20 passengers do permit pets in the cabin.

Train – up to two dogs are usually allowed to travel free, however, if travelling in a sleeper cabin there is usually a small fee. The London underground allows dogs but make sure you hold on tight to them whilst using the escalators!

Buses – generally allow dogs on board for free, however, should the bus be full you may have to wait a little longer for bigger dogs that take up more space as the priority is for humans!

Car – always ensure that your dog is suitably restrained so they cannot distract you when you’re driving. A pet carrier or pet harness is most suitable and safer in the back of the car. Never EVER leave your dog in a locked car. In warmer temperatures a car can heat up very quickly just like an oven and a dog can suffer a fatal heatstroke within minutes.

Comforts – Pack a bag of your dogs favourite things, such as a favourite blanket, toys and snacks so your dog feels at home even when he’s away.

Routine – keeping your dogs day to day activities and diet the same as at home means your dog will settle much quicker and there is less chance of them developing stomach upsets.

New surroundings – give your dog time to adjust. Take them for a few short walks on a lead so they can have a sniff around and explore. Keep them on a lead until you know the area is safe from any hazards and they are comfortable. If it’s a hot day remember your dog’s paws can burn. If it’s too hot for the palm of your hand it’s too hot for their paws! Always carry a doggy first aid pack with you at all times and keep your dog inside when the sun is at its strongest.


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