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Pet Profile – Vaccine Management

A large majority of our doggy daycare users were spending so much time chasing clients to ensure vaccines and treatments were up to date.  To resolve this we created a traffic light system which highlights upcoming and overdue vaccinations. Reminders are sent to the client to remind them to get their pets vaccinated. If it is a requirement of the service provider to have pets in their care vaccinated, then doggy daycare has the option to disable the user from making bookings. 

Pet Profile – Allergies

Users of the app can now indicate whether their pet has any allergies. This alerts the business owner by a capital ‘A’ appearing next to the pet’s booking.  

Pet Profile – Treatments

If flea and/or worming treatments are a requirement of the service provider, the field must be completed in the health section of the profile to indicate when their pet received flea and worming treatments and add future treatment date reminders. 

Pet Profile – Chemical Castration

If the service provider requires the pet in their care to be castrated.  In addition to being spayed/neutered, we have now added the option of chemical castration. 

Pet Profile – Vet Consent

In addition to the vet’s details we already have in the pet profile, we have now added an option for client consent for vet treatment. This is with the service provider when they are with your pet should any incidents occur requiring immediate treatment.

Bookings – Groups

Business owners can now review their daily bookings and then allocate to a group. For example, this is useful for allocating your walks based upon geographical areas, the timing of your walk, eg. 11am group walk. Daycare might use the groups to allocate pick ups/drop off. Once you’ve set up your group you have the option to allocate a staff member and also add any comments.

Business Details – Licence

Business owners can now store operating licence details along with proof of licence (PDF) to comply with your Local Authority.  There is also the option to set up a reminder for the expiration date.

Pricing – Tiers

To give the service provider extra flexibility with prices, a tier pricing structure has been added for multiple pets and multiple bookings discounts. 

Pricing – Weekday Discounts

The option of a weekday discount has been created so that should the service provider experience quiet days with fewer bookings, such as a Friday, introducing a discount will perhaps encourage your users to book on those days. 

Special Pricing

Some of our business users have set up special pricing to give them flexibility for discounted groups and old/new pricing. In conjunction with the standard pricing options, special pricing gives you the ability to customise the app to incorporate any of your current pricing frameworks.

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