My Pet Walker Dispute Procedure: Step-by-Step User Guide

Purpose: This guide is designed to help users and businesses understand and navigate the dispute process with My Pet Walker.

Step 1: Dispute Initiated

What to Do:

  • When you have a dispute, it will be logged into our system automatically.
  • You will receive a notification confirming that the dispute has been recorded. 

What We Need:

  • Details of the dispute, including any relevant screenshots or documentation.

Step 2: Contact from My Pet Walker

What to Do:

  • A representative from My Pet Walker will contact you to discuss the dispute.
  • You will need to decide whether to accept the dispute or challenge it.


  • Accept: If you agree with the dispute, we will move to resolve it and close the case.
  • Challenge: If you disagree with the dispute, we will proceed to gather and review evidence.

Step 3: Accept Dispute (Case Closed)

What to Do:

  • If you accept the dispute, no further action is needed from your side.
  • The case will be closed, and you will receive a confirmation of resolution.

Step 4: Dispute in Process (Gather Evidence)

What to Do:

  • If you challenge the dispute, start gathering all relevant evidence to support your case.
  • This includes receipts, communication logs, screenshots, or any other pertinent information.


  • You have 16 days from the initiation of the dispute to submit all evidence.

Step 5: Submit Evidence

What to Do:

  • Submit the gathered evidence to My Pet Walker for review.
  • Ensure that all documentation is clear and comprehensive.

Step 6: Evidence Review and Submission

What to Do:

  • My Pet Walker will review the evidence you provided.
  • We will then submit this evidence to Stripe for final evaluation.


  • The submission of evidence must occur within the 16-day evidence collection period.

Step 7: Dispute Resolved

What to Do:

  • Once Stripe makes a decision, you will be notified of the outcome.
  • No further action is needed if the dispute is resolved.


  • The case will be marked as resolved and logged in our system.
  • You will receive a final notification confirming the resolution.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or need assistance at any stage of the dispute process, please contact our support team through any of the following channels:

Note: For any additional support or questions, please contact our support team directly.

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