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The My Pet Walker pet management software was built to help pet service providers such as doggy daycare centres, dog walkers, boarders and dog trainers. Removing the need for you to carry out time wasting and repetitive tasks such as bookings, invoicing and chasing payments.

Bookings Dashboard

Here you can view all the bookings for the day. We have a useful check in and check out feature which is optional and can be turned on or off depending on your pet care business. Doggy Daycare businesses use this to ensure accurate arrivals/departures and dog walkers use as a time stamp for when pets have been collected.

My Pet Walker dog walker booking dashboard
My Pet Walker add a booking sample service

Simplify your payments

Simplify your booking and payment process. Your clients can book a service, pay and manage their bookings. No time wasted on invoicing or chasing payments. Your clients will be sent an automated receipt for any payments made. To use the Stripe online payment system there is a transaction fee of 2% + 20p and a payout fee of 0.25% + 10p.

Simplify your bookings

Bookings managed and simplified. Filter the view by team member or service and drag and drop bookings in order of preference.

Bookings can be grouped together and if you wish leave comments which can only be seen by your team members.

My Pet Walker daily bookings view
My Pet Walker Invoiced period


All your invoicing done in just 3 clicks.

Select the invoiced period, click to find clients, preview and issue invoices. Simple.

Team Management

Our Team element of the App allows your team to have an overview of the current days bookings and weeks ahead. You can also give your team permissions to various aspects of your business.

Letting your team see a limited view of what is happening within your business helps them prepare for the days bookings and feel part of the team.

My Pet Walker Team Member Permissions
Client can cancel and reschedule bookings

Cancellations and Refunds

Our software allows you to take charge of your business. It puts you in the driving seat when it comes to cancellations and refunds.

If you have taken payment up-front it makes it very easy to implement your terms and conditions regarding cancellations and refunds.

Client Discounts

You can offer various client discounts including early booking, multiple pet bookings, multiple bookings and the option to introduce a late booking surcharge.

Pricing for your clients can differ. Our App allows you to create special prices for custom groups, eg framily and friends or NHS discounts etc.

Enable or disable discounts for multiple pets in one household. Add discounts for multiple bookings and calculate bookings for each week separately.


Pet Profile

Whether you have a fixed location or on the move our software is with you. You have access to full pet bios in a matter of seconds.

All the general, health and behaviour information including vaccinations/treatments about each pet in your care.

Vaccine /Treatment Management

Vaccine management is time consuming so we have created a traffic light system which highlights upcoming and overdue vaccinations.

Reminders are sent to the client to remind them to get their pets vaccinated. Allergies can be highlighted along with the optional client consent for vet treatment.


Late Surcharges

Reduce or eliminate late bookings. By adding a late booking surcharge to your services this will encourage your clients to book earlier and in good time.

This will allow you to plan your team and allocate your resources more effectively.

Your Money

Keep track of your money. Review your total account balance, monies in transit and next payout amounts. 

Available only to Stripe subscribers.


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