Dog Safety 2022: Keep Your Furry Friends Safe This Autumn 

Whilst this is an amazing season, the changing colour of the trees, the crisp walks on falling leaves, digging out our boots and woollies ….for your dog safety it is important to know the seasonal dangers that could be harmful to your pets.


Ticks tend to be around the most during the Spring and Autumn months. After taking your dog in the woods, fields or countryside always check your dog over for lumps or bumps especially around the head and ears, armpits and feet. 


Keep up to date with your flea and worming treatments! Fleas can jump onto your dog from another dog or when out for walkies. Your vet can supply these to you or buy over the counter remedies at your local supermarket.


Did you know acorns contain a toxin called tannic acid which can cause an upset stomach and sickness.  The more green the acorn is the more poisonous it is. If your dog eats them regularly it could cause liver and kidney failure. Stating the obvious they also pose a choking hazard.


Conkers have a bitter taste which might put off some dogs but if eaten in large amounts it can be highly toxic for your furry friend. Not to mention again the obvious choking hazard.

Tree Fruits

As the leaves start to fall and berries start to drop some berries can contain seeds and toxins that can make your dog unwell. Keep a watchful eye on your dog whilst they’re sniffing and exploring.

Wild Mushrooms

Although some wild mushrooms are edible there are many varieties which can make your pet very poorly. If you see your dog eating wild mushrooms of any type take them to your vets immediately as sometimes the effects don’t appear straight away. If you can, pick up a piece of the fungus to take with you to show your vet.

Blue-green Algae

It’s great fun watching your dog jumping and splashing in streams and having a swim in reservoirs and ponds, however, the blue-green algae is highly toxic to pets and can cause stomach upsets.

Enjoy the Outdoors!

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