My Pet Walker Service Interruption Policy


The purpose of this Service Interruption Policy is to outline the procedures and responsibilities for managing service interruptions to minimise disruption and maintain customer trust and satisfaction.


This policy applies to all services provided by My Pet Walker, including our online platform, customer support channels, and payment processing systems.


  • Service Interruption: Any event causing a disruption in the normal operations of My Pet Walker’s services.
  • Critical Service: Essential services whose failure would significantly impact customers.
  • Alternative Provider: Backup service provider (e.g., Azure) ready to be activated quickly in case of primary service failure.

Policy Statements

1. Proactive Measures

  • Redundancy and Backup: We use MongoDB Atlas which provides hourly database back-ups. Our systems allow for rapid deployments on any platform, minimising downtime if our providers go down.
  • Monitoring and Alerts: Uptime Robot monitors service availability and alerts us within 1-2 minutes of detecting an issue. Sentry and LogTail identify and log errors, while Microsoft Clarity helps pinpoint user issues and struggles.
  • Security and Maintenance: Continuous updates to software packages and regular security reviews are conducted to prevent interruptions caused by security breaches or outdated software.

2. Contingency Funding

  • Financial Preparedness: We maintain a contingency fund to address unexpected financial needs during a service interruption, ensuring continued operation and reliable service to our customers.

3. Incident Response

  • Detection and Notification: Upon detecting a service interruption, an immediate assessment is conducted. Customers are notified of the interruption within 30 minutes via email and other available communication channels, including Phone, Text, WhatsApp, email, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Internal Response Team: A dedicated response team, including IT, customer support, and communication personnel, is mobilised to address the interruption.

4. Customer Communication and Support

  • Clear Communication: Provide regular updates to customers on the status of the interruption, expected resolution time, and interim measures being taken.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Resolve customer support requests related to the interruption through a universal inbox (Chatwoot), ensuring timely and coordinated responses across all channels.

5. Service Restoration

  • Prioritisation: Prioritise restoration efforts for critical services to minimise impact on customers.
  • Testing and Verification: Conduct thorough testing before full service restoration to ensure all systems are operational and secure.

6. Post-Incident Review

  • Root Cause Analysis: Conduct a detailed analysis to identify the cause of the interruption and address any underlying issues.
  • Continuous Improvement: Use lessons learned from the incident to update and improve the service interruption policy, contingency plans, and preventive measures.

7. Documentation and Compliance

  • Record Keeping: Maintain detailed records of the service interruption, customer communications, and restoration efforts for review and compliance purposes.
  • Compliance: Ensure this policy complies with industry standards and regulatory requirements, reflecting best practices in service management and customer support.

Note: For any additional support or questions, please contact our support team directly.

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