Halloween 2022 – How to stay spook free

Nervous or anxious pet this Halloween? or one that just likes to howl at everything!

Here’s some tips on how you can prepare…

Knocks on the door – put on some chill out music, shut the curtains, low the lights and create a cosy space for your pet to retreat to and just be there for them if you can.

Out walking – Take your pet out whilst it’s still light. It’s a different experience walking at night for your dog and the Halloween costumes add to the anxiety.

Halloween treats – get those treats at the door ready and ensure they are out of the way for curious paws to get too. Chocolate is highly toxic so keep out of the way.

Pumpkins – Pumpkins are lovely to look at but could be a danger if used with candles in the house. Consider battery operated if you can.  If not, be very careful and ensure they are kept away from curious pets. Remember a rotting pumpkin can give your pet tummy ache and sickness too!

Hope these tips help!

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