Mixing business, pleasure and pets!

Starting a pet walking business is no stroll in the park – it’s much better than that. We know. We’ve done it. However, a combination of job satisfaction and frustration encouraged us to develop an App that makes the business and pleasure mix much easier. Here’s our ongoing MyPetWalker journey…

First, a bit about us. We’re the perfect double act – at least we like to think so. Emma and I, Ben, a pet lover and a techie, the obvious combo to design, evolve and launch a handy App for pet businesses and pet owners. Based in Manchester, we’ve both travelled extensively and worked in a variety of industries. Oh, and pets have always been central to our lives.

But how did it get technical with an online pet resource, and why would anyone ditch a well-paid job to battle the elements looking after furry friends?

That was certainly Emma’s route, from the corporate world to running a successful pet walking business. I was the back-up, working away in IT and someone to spread the walking load as clients continued to sign up. When organising a growing client list became a challenge, I was there to help Emma with a solution that helps her run the business from the palm of her hand.

The real clincher was payments. Clients paid Emma in many ways – cash, cheque, money transfer, daily, weekly, monthly or not at all. Although Emma is very organised and thorough. It was frustrating and took the shine off an otherwise really enjoyable business.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy seeing pets enjoying themselves. Dogs in particular love the outdoors, socialising with others, exercising and having a good rummage in every bit of shrubbery.

For walkers there are plenty of positives – providing a great service, keeping fit and getting close to nature. If only the administration, payments and appointments could be digitised and easily accessed!

So MyPetWalker was launched…

The core requirements were obvious from day one, but we went further. Having a great network of friends who either walk pets or for others was a help, as was knowing several pet businesses in the area.

We swapped notes, understood the issues people faced, and looked to address all items with an easy-to-use and affordable application.

That meant a simple but flexible booking form, a calendar that’s easy to view, options to manage bookings and send messages and, of course, a safe and secure method of handling payments. In light of this we’ve integrated the Stripe online payments system that is trusted and respected around the world.

We’ve tested the App at each stage, and as Emma runs a busy dog walking business herself, we’re always looking to add new features if it makes things easier for clients and businesses alike.

We also know that when you launch a new venture you need a little help, flexibility and some resources to ease you through the whole business process. That’s why we’ve doubled-up to offer the MyPetWalker App on a FREE trial basis, and also host a series of workshops to help people get started with the App if they need it. With the view to host further workshops for pet start-up businesses, pass on what we’ve learned, avoid common pitfalls and get you up-and-running, organised and profitable as quickly as possible.

We’re excited that MyPetWalker App is a real game changer and look forward to your feedback and ideas.

Join us on our journey to make MyPetWalker the most comprehensive pet services app in the world!

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