Prepare your Dog for Spring!

Temperatures are slowly rising and this is THE best time of year for you to get your dog ready for Spring…and here is our list of to do’s!

Brush, Brush and Brush! – Your dog will probably have started to shed its winter coat ready for the warmer temperatures, so make sure you give your best friend a good brush to help it along the way and lessen the amount of fur on your carpet!.

Flea and Tick Prevention – If you’re not already administering your pet with flea and tick treatments get this done now. After playing outdoors with your dog check their body for ticks so they can easily be removed.

Heartworm – Again prevention is better than cure, the warmer weather means it’s time to administer preventatives if you’re not already in a routine.

Visit your Vet – Ideally visit your vet two times a year to ensure your dog is in top dog shape. Vets can advise you on diet, exercise, lifestyle and general health of your dog and with regular visits they can address any health concerns to ensure they don’t develop into something more serious.

First Aid Kit – When you’re out and about with your dog it’s a good idea to carry a dog first aid kit. Buy one or create your own and ensure you have it with you at all times. You might not need it but you might be in a situation where another dog does!

Flowers & Plants – As spring is the start of new shrubs and flowers popping up in home gardens and woodlands, be aware of what species are harmful for dogs. Beautiful bluebells and daffodils look very pretty but are very toxic for dogs.

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